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I have a list component in the main view with custom itemrednerer as shown below

<s:View xmlns:fx="" 
<s:List id="lsRead"  dataProvider="{dp}" width="100%" height="100%">
<fx:Component id="rend">
 <s:ItemRenderer alternatingItemColors="[#DFDFDF,#EEEEEE]">
  <s:Label id="first" text="{}" visible="{bindableVariable_MainView}"/> 
      <s:Label id="second" text="{}" />

I want to control the visibility of the "first" label using a bindable variable defined in the main view. How can I pass its value to the label defined in the itemrenderer?

Best Regards,

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I have use outerDocument and it solved the problem.

Thank you

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I have not used with but when I have to give any variable for renderer, I have make (customRenderer) class with usable variable and bind it with label.... and in main view Instead of , I take or and add component (customRenderer) in it... Thank You..

I dont know about "outerDocument".. Thanks for sharing...

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