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I'm trying to install zorba so that I can use it with xquery 3.0 and php. I downloaded it from here https://launchpad.net/zorba/+download zorb-3.0.tar.gz and built it without errors, following this guide: http://www.zorba.io/documentation/latest/zorba/install/php_ubuntu_tutorial/

Then I launched sudo make install and the installation seems to be ok.

Then the guide tells to copy the file zorba_api.so and zorba_api_wrapper.php in php directories but the problem is that there's no file zorba_api.so Instead there is a similar file called libzorba_api.so.

So, how can I fix this? I'd like to make it work and to test I should wirte a file zorba.php and put in /var/www

<title>Zorba test</title>
 // include Zorba API
 require_once '/usr/local/lib/php/zorba_api_wrapper.php';
 // create Zorba instance in memory
 $ms = InMemoryStore::getInstance();
 $zorba = Zorba::getInstance($ms);

 try {
    // create and compile query string<
    $queryStr = '1+2';
    $query = $zorba->compileQuery($queryStr);

    // execute query and display result
    $result = $query->execute();
    echo $result;
    // clean up
 } catch (Exception $e) {
     die('ERROR:' . $e->getMessage());

can you help me?


well, I've put the libzorba_api.so and zorba_api_wrapper.php in /usr/local/lib/php and added the lines in php.ini file as written in the guide. If I try zorba.php in my browser with apache2 nothing happens but if I try with

php /var/www/zorba.php 

it says :

PHP Warning:  dl(): Dynamically loaded extensions aren't enabled in    /usr/local/lib/php/zorba_api_wrapper.php on line 22
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function InMemoryStore_getInstance() in /usr/local/lib/php/zorba_api_wrapper.php on line 1786

I really do not understand what's the problem now...

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