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I am using networkx package of Python.

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>>> import networkx as nx
>>> G=nx.empty_graph()
>>> G.add_edge(1,2)
>>> G.add_edge(2,3)
>>> G.add_edge(4,5)
>>> nx.path.bidirectional_dijkstra(G,1,2)
(1, [1, 2])
>>> nx.path.bidirectional_dijkstra(G,1,3)
(2, [1, 2, 3])
>>> nx.path.bidirectional_dijkstra(G,1,4)
>>> nx.path.bidirectional_dijkstra(G,1,5)

You can also use the result as a boolean value

>>> if nx.path.bidirectional_dijkstra(G,1,2): print "path exists"
path exists
>>> if nx.path.bidirectional_dijkstra(G,1,4): print "path exists"
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To check whether there is a path between two nodes in a graph -

>>> import networkx as nx
>>> G=nx.Graph()
>>> G.add_edge(1,2)
>>> G.add_edge(2,3)
>>> nx.has_path(G,1,3)
>>> G.add_edge(4,5)
>>> nx.has_path(G,1,5)

For more information, please refer has_path — NetworkX 1.7 documentation

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Using a disjoint set data structure:

Create a singleton set for every vertex in the graph, then union the sets containing each of the pair of vertices for every edge in the graph.

Finally, you know a path exists between two vertices if they are in the same set.

See the wikipedia page on the disjoint set data structure.

This is much more efficient than using a path finding algorithm.

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Will this work for directed graphs? – ericmjl Jun 30 '14 at 15:50
Well, I just implemented it for myself recently, and it works. :-) – ericmjl Jul 17 '14 at 19:43


shortest_path(G, source, target)

or one of the Shortest Path methods. Stay clear of the methods which return paths between all nodes however if you merely have two specific nodes to test for connectivity.

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What if path does not exist between 2 given nodes? What does the function return then? – Bruce Mar 1 '10 at 3:46
I don't want to find the shortest path. I just want to know if a path exists between 2 given nodes. – Bruce Mar 1 '10 at 3:52

Perhaps this is a newer command, but I'm surprised no-one provided it when the question was originally asked. all_simple_paths provides a generator with all simple paths.

def path_exists(G,source,target):
    for path in nx.all_simple_paths(G,source,target):
        return True  #if it finds one, it returns True, and gets out of the function.  It doesn't look for the next.
    return False  #if it didn't find one, it gets out of the function.

Note that all_simple_paths gives a generator, so as soon as it finds the first path, this code quits. It doesn't keep hunting for others.


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