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using raw SQL when I use the IN statement inside a query using sequel's fetch function, I can't escape a single quote by writing where stuff IN ...


db.fetch("query...where IN (?)", "#{@values}")

outputs query...where stuff IN ('stuff1'',''stuff2') instead of ('stuff1','stuff2')

Quite frustrating that I'd probably have to write a Sequel equivalent for the raw query or use a different ORM just because of this escape issue. Any thoughts?

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If I understand the Sequel documentation correctly, using Sstring#lit or Sequel.lit should turn a Ruby string into a literal string and bypass the automatic escaping mechanism; therefore, this should work (untested):


db.fetch("query...where IN (?)", "#{@values}")

The usual caveats when working with raw SQL strings (SQL injection attacks, inefficient SQL due to forced re-parsing of statements etc.) apply :-)

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Thanks for that. – Nothing May 8 '14 at 10:33

You should probably do something like:

@values = ['stuff1', 'stuff2']
db.fetch("query...where IN ?", @values)
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