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Here is an image for reference: http://yfrog.com/b5evilbluej

I'm building a silverlight app in Blend that will contain a treeview and treeviewitems. The contents of my treeviewitems all have a blue border (when clicked and when you hover the mouse over), as you can see in the image I linked to. I cannot figure out what causes that border, or how to remove it; anyone know where to get at it? I've tried looking in the various treeview related templates, but I've had no luck so far.

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I think what you are seeing here is the FocusVisual:


If you set this to {x:Null} (via FocusVisualStyle), it should go away...if not, you're likely dealing with a "selected" VisualState, in which case your best option is to override the template to remove that particular state.

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