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I'm trying to remove a model from my collection, but I don't want to lose the view of that model on my front end (it's a summary screen).

I'm using this at the moment to remove the model:


Is there any way to do this, or is it not possible? (I'm guessing that somewhere I can unbind the two, but no idea how to, or where it is documented).

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Try suppress collection from triggering remove event. From backbone documentation: link –  Cheng Ping Onn May 8 at 14:00
How does the view know that it still cares about a model that is removed? How does it differentiate between a removed model that it should stop displaying and one that should stay up? –  mu is too short May 8 at 16:18
@muistooshort that was the issue I have, I didn't know where to define this. –  Gary May 9 at 8:55
@ChengPingOnn Brilliant! Thanks –  Gary May 9 at 8:55

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Solution provided by Cheng Ping Onn in comments:

groupChats.remove(chatid, {silent: true});
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