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I'm using

link_to 'My link', path(:arg1 => session[:arg1], :arg2 => session[:arg2],:arg3 => anyobject.id), :method => :post

but the HTML link being generated includes (arg1,arg2,arg3) as URL query parameters.

How can remove them? Did I miss something in the documentation?

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A link_to will always put the arguments into the query string as it is creating a get-style HTML link - even if you put :method => :post that just appends an extra ("special") argument _method.

What I think you really want is a button_to link - which will make it into a sort of form-post. It works the same, but it says button_to instead (for example, button_to 'My link', path(:params => :go_here). The downside is that it will look like a button. But you can give it a CSS class (eg "unbutton") and then change the styling on that CSS class to make it not look like a button.

Alternatively, if what you really want is actually to have no params passed to the controller at all... then just don't include them when making your link (for example, link_to "My link" path - there's no need for :post if you don't want to post any params).

Finally, if what you want is for the params to become a part of the URL (for example, stuff/[param_1]/more_stuff/[param_2], etc.) then you need to update your routes to include these parameters as options. Have a look at the routing section of the rdoc for how to do that.

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This solution has taken me hours of googling! I'm new to Rails. button_to fixed my issue. Thank you so much! – Will Oct 12 '14 at 1:01
Update on that: 4.1 ships button_to with a params parameter (with the gotcha that it does not allow nested parameters, dough), where the parameters are really constructed using hidden fields. That is probably what you want. – Felix Apr 9 '15 at 7:22
Neato... well - my advice still stands for past Rails, but good to see they've finally got a solution of some kind out there. – Taryn East Apr 10 '15 at 6:39

You can use below code, which rails.js need data-method to switch to post mode in Ajax.

<%= link_to '<button id="print" type="submit" class="btn">Print</button>'.html_safe, { controller: :lots, id: @lot.containername, action: "print_#{print_template}", remote: true }, {'data-method' => :post} %>

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