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I've a fetch method on a collection. The callback function success and error is never called but the fetch happens correctly and fill the collection. It seems very strange.

var TweetsCollection= new Tweets();
     success:function (tweets){<---never called
 error:function(c){<---never called



console.log(TweetsCollection);<---- collection correctly filled

and this is the fetch methof od TweetsCollection:

fetch: function(options) {

var collection = this; 
var params = {
user_id: this.query,

  function (reply) {
// console.log(reply);
// return reply;


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where have you defined cb?Please share more code – Arshabh Agarwal May 8 '14 at 11:37

You don't have to override the fetch method. If you want to add extra logic to the sync process, you override the sync method.

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