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I want to list all objects (including files and directories) recursively with labels their have.
When I run the following command, it writes only Rule. It does not write all labels on any object.

cleartool ls -r -l /view/stable/MYVOB/MyProject

Result :

version /view/stable/MYVOB/Car.java@@/main/3 Rule: element * TO_TEST
version /view/stable/MYVOB/Driver.java@@/main/2 Rule: element * TO_TEST

How can I list the all labels?
In addition, listing modifiers and modification date will be plus for me.

Thanks in advance...

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You can use a cleartool find, using fmt_ccase options to display the associated labels

Windows Syntax:

cleartool find . -type f -ele "brtype(mybranch)" -exec "cleartool descr -fmt \"%n labels:%l\n\" \"%CLEARCASE_PN%\""

Unix Syntax:

cleartool find . -type f -ele "brtype(mybranch)" -exec 'cleartool descr -fmt "%n labels:%l\n" "$CLEARCASE_PN"'

The idea is to described each element found ($CLEARCASE_PN) by using the %l option of the fmt_ccase directives in order to print labels associated with it.

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Thanks VonC. It is working. –  akdora May 8 at 11:25

Here is my solution :

cleartool find . -exec 'cleartool descr -fmt "%En@@%Sn|%u|%Fu|%Sd|%l|\n" "$CLEARCASE_PN"' 
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Good feedback, same idea than my answer. +1 –  VonC May 13 at 6:13
Yeah, I just want to share the fmt format. I wrote it looking your response. Thank you @VonC –  akdora May 13 at 6:22

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