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There's lots of good conference videos online regarding Python and Django development.

Instead of watching ST:TNG at the computer, I figure it'd more productive to hone my knowledge . Fire away with some of your most inspiring and educational Python, Django, or simply programming related talks. Provide an explanation of why you found the talk useful.


James Bennet on Re-usable Apps - Got me to take a serious look at django apps. Put together a fairly robust site in two days afterwards with django-cms, django-photologue, django-contact-form. Good advice on when your app is crossing boundaries and why it's good to err on the site of 'make it a separate app.'

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up vote 6 down vote accepted's pycon channel has all talks from Pycon 2009 and (recently concluded) 2010 -- seriously good stuff! Pick your talks from the "episodes archive" pages.

share|improve this answer Python related video indexed so you can find it. 803 videos so far., tag Django

  • 157 videos
  • 110 slide decks

and updating...

Search for the u'r favorite author, recommeded

  • pydanny
  • jacobian
  • jtaubber
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I've found some of the google tech talks on Python or Django very informative. They have quite a few, so doing a search on "Django" or "Python" at the following website might be a good idea.

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When I was looking for online Django tutorial videos, I stumbled across Nice community developed video tutorial site, which lays out step by step approach to learning. Some of the videos are posted 2 or 3 years before, so the material may not be latest. Nevertheless, it may help you with understanding the fundamentals.

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In the same vain as the answer from Alex, Djangocon has videos up on blip.

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