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Word has a self join table, and word1 is related with word2, word3, word4 project1 has many words and contains the words project1 has: word1, word2

How can I get all the related words for a word1 except those which have already been assigned to project1, in this case 'word2'

Expected output for word1: word3, word4 (below is what I have done, is there a better solution?)

related = project.words.where(id: self.related_words.map(&:id)).map(&:id)
self.related_words.where.not(id: related)
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Does your current solution work? –  Michal Szyndel May 8 at 11:31

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Given that your current solution works I would improve it using pluck

related = project.words.where(id: self.related_words.pluck(:id)).pluck(:id)
self.related_words.where.not(id: related)

Why? Because pluck works as a DB query and is therefore faster compared to Ruby map, see docs: http://apidock.com/rails/ActiveRecord/Calculations/pluck

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