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We're currently using MS Project for an exercise relating to an exam paper. We have to plan out the writing of this paper as a project and report to our lector once a week. This week we're ahead of schedule and and have completed a few tasks that arent planned untill next week. The problem is that when creating a report for earned Value, BCWP for these task is the cost of the hours used, not the hours budgetted for the work.

For instance:

We completed a task that was supposed to be started and completed monday and was baselined at 12 hours, yet we completed it in 8 hours today (thursday). The cost is set at 100$ per hour.

How I see it, the values for this task should be BCWS=0, BCWP=1200 and ACWP=800 yet for some reason it does not recognize the BCWP and ACWP when showing the EV-report. They both show up as 0. I cant change the task to having been performed today either. Can anyone tell me what went wrong?

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FWIW: Since this is an application question and not a programming question, you might want to post this on superuser.com instead. –  Rachel Hettinger May 13 '14 at 21:15
Thanks for the help. I'll try that :) –  user2821342 May 14 '14 at 20:27

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