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Using Swift mailer with Symfony. It works perfectly on windows but on linux there is an error:


 php app/console swiftmailer:spool:send --env=prod


  Warning: mkdir(): No such file or directory in
 /var/www/html/KonnectEz/vendor/swiftmailer/lib/classes/Swift/KeyCache/DiskKeyCache.php line 270

swiftmailer:spool:send [--message-limit[="..."]] [--time-limit[="..."]]
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make sure the www-data user has enough access level in the path for swiftmail; also check the owner of the folder and make sure www-data is a part of that group is its owner. –  Javad May 8 '14 at 13:56

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I think SwiftMailer DiskKeyCache is unable to create the cache directory recursively. Please check your SwiftMailer spool directory in config.yml and make sure this path exists.

mkdir() doesn't create directories recursivey by default and DiskKeyCache doesn't force this behaviour.

Maybe the spool directory exists in your windows environment, but not in your linux env?

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Directory app/ectras/spool was missing in Linux. It worked after director creation –  Bads123 May 9 '14 at 1:37

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