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I have very unusual requested, I am currently backing up SQL Database using 3 different software's. Database size 18 GB. I run full backups everyday via following 3 methods

option 1 Symantec Backupexec ( Backup Software) === Full Backup everyday 2 am Monday to Friday ==== Full Backup

option 2 Asigra (Backup Software) == Full backup every day 5 AM Monday to Friday ==== Full Backup

option 3 Using Sql server mangement studio-- right click database, backup --- backup to a file == Full backup every day. at 7 pm...

Problem is that option 3 is taking too much space on my Server... and I would like to change the backup method for option 3 only from Monday to Thursday...

Friday = Full Backup Monday to Thursday = Incremental Backup

But I have read somewhere that SQL backup remembers when last full backup was performed and incremental backup will only include any changes made to database since last full backup......

So question is after I have run 2 Full backup --- using option 1 and option 2 -- on Monday ......

Can I run differential backup on Monday with option 3 and will this differential backup have changes made to database since Friday?.... (As option 3 full backup was run on Friday)

In other words, do SQL servers recognises how I am backing up the database and maintains different changes track to databse... for each different backup software?

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If all you need to do is save space then dependent on the version you are using you could compress the backup created via SSMS as you do it. Failing that, apply compression to the backup once it has been created. –  Steve Pettifer May 8 at 13:12
I am not aware how to compress backup using SMSS 2005... is there any link you can share. –  Chir May 8 at 13:16
Ah that's the problem - you can't compress using 2005. You can compress the backup you create however, and you could automate the process using a SQL Agent job to run the backup in one step and then run the compression and deletion of the .bak in the next. See this link for an old, but serviceable explanation. You can use any compression tool like 7zip, WinRar, WinZip etc as they all offer command line usage. You can use a batch file or powershell script to run the compression step. –  Steve Pettifer May 8 at 13:23
Thanks, I will give it a go. –  Chir May 8 at 13:34

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