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Good time!

We have the Oracle DCN feature configured in our java application. Everything works fine, but there are some troubles on the application's shutdown. If the application is down unexpectedly (for example a tomcat process is killed via the kill -9 command), DCN subscribers are left hanged in a DB (select * from user_change_notification_regs;). Also, I can see that every subscriber has a 4294967295-second timeout.

So could somebody, please, suggest:

1. how to set the timeout for a subscriber;
2. why subscribers are left hanged even after all JDBC connections are down. Well, if there is no correspondence between a JDBC connection and a DCN subscription, how oracle would send DCN to a java application when the last one would eventually be up (are there any ping operations from Oracle to an application, or it is something like a durable subscription in JMS)?

UPDATE: I've found an answer for the first point. There is the OracleConnection.NTF_TIMEOUT parameter that could be set for a DatabaseChangeRegistration:

Properties properties = new Properties();
properties.setProperty(OracleConnection.DCN_NOTIFY_ROWIDS, "true");
properties.setProperty(OracleConnection.DCN_BEST_EFFORT, "true");
properties.setProperty(OracleConnection.NTF_TIMEOUT, "3600");

DatabaseChangeRegistration databaseChangeRegistration = oracleConnection.registerDatabaseChangeNotification(properties);
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