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I'm using urlrewritefilter to pretty up my product links for a better google indexing (removing product parameter).



is transferred via url rewriting rule to


rewriting rule


But my problem is that I've no idea at the moment how to rewrite outbound links in my facelets. I read the paragraph about outbound-rule in the in the manual. Now I'm wondering how I can use this together with s:link? what about form submits or redirects (action outcome null)? please help to sort things out :)

possible rewriting outbound rule (?)


any hints/ideas?

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I had the same problem and solved it removing the caret at the beginning


(Also, I'm not sure if you should try escaping the question mark symbol with \?)

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I had the same problem and solved by escaping the ? character. It's a special regex character so you have to escape it with a \.

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