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I'm creating a "Register" form that will send a confirmation email to user when he gets registered. In this case, my system will send a personal email to user. Is "opt-out"/unsubscribe link mandatory in this kind of emails? or we must use "opt-out"/unsubscribe link ONLY in massive spam/advertising emails?

Please, any help or reference article will be appreciated.

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I believe its only for mass emails, we have a registration email and I don't see an opt out option in ours. I'll be curious to see what others have to say. But based on what I know, its not needed for a registration confirmation email.

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This is from: Electronic mailing list etiquette

Ideally subscribers should volunteer to join a list. If, as a list owner, you subscribe individual or groups of users to your list then your first message MUST explain how they can remove themselves. Also, regularly remind them how to remove themselves from the list.

So, if the user registered on the volunteer basis, you don't have to include opt-out in your first mail.

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The strict answer, according to CAN-SPAM, is: the law doesn't care. As a general rule, CAN-SPAM only covers marketing messages. In fact, it goes as far as to exempt transactional messages from the law almost entirely (15 USC 7702(2)(B)), although they still can't falsify header information (15 USC 7704(a)(1)). So, the sections within CAN-SPAM which mandate the existence of a means to opt-out (15 USC 7704(a)(3)) and that requests to be removed be honored (15 USC 7704(a)(4)) don't apply at all.

Another clarification:

In the US the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 clarified the legal unsubscribe methods for commercial e-mail. It took effect on June 26, 2008 and it’s very important that those sending commercial e-mail make sure that they’re still in compliance with the ever changing law. Each violation can result in $11,000 in fines.

"an e-mail recipient cannot be required to pay a fee, provide information other than his or her e-mail address and opt-out preferences, or take any steps other than sending a reply e-mail message or visiting a single Internet Web page to opt out of receiving future e-mail from a sender"

Note that transactional e-mail messages to your clients where you have an existing ongoing relationship do not require an unsubscribe method at all. The law is very specific on what can be considered transactional information, but in general it is only e-mail regarding a transaction that the recipient initiated.

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