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I use django-1.1 and satchmo (commit: 1385 75a2ea838067)

I found that if there is a "love" speech in the slug item, for example, love-x10, dsfdsfloveddd, love-love ... the product's url is "", if you click "add to cart" button, the server give me a Blank Page, Empty! And the server is temporarily unable to provide services. What a strange situation. If you do not believe that you can personally try to it.

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I have an 1.2 beta and it works fine, I've just tried :) I think you should search your code for bugs or do a step by step debugging. Are you working on windows or linux? – Silver Light Mar 1 '10 at 8:49

The best way to deal with problems lke this is opening a ticket for the Satchmo project.

I looked through open ticket list and found a few that could be related to the behavior you're seeing but nothing that matches it completely.

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It looks like an url blocked by a dummy firewall.

Much less probable is a bad configurad server that dies after error without any message and also other very obscure error.

Clarification: The string "love" has been never part of Satchmo. I have never seen a blank page on a correctly configured Django server in the case of any error. It displays at least some template or a general error message or at least error message from web server in the case of Django timeout.

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