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When I click on my file input button and I select two files in the file dialog, on the add callback I see that the value of data.files.length is 2. Just before calling data.submit(), the value is still 2. However, only 1 file is uploaded. Why?

Relevant configuration options used are:

autoUpload: false,
singleFileUploads: false,

jQuery File Upload is attached to...

<input id="fileupload" type="file" name="attachment" multiple>
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The configuration option you are looking for is MaxNumberOfFiles.

// sets maximum number of files...
$("form#formid").fileupload('option', 'maxNumberOfFiles', 10);  

You might also would like to change the input to following

<input id="fileuploadinput" type="file" name="attachment[]" multiple>
// Only reason to change id is so that it may not conflict. You may not have to do it though.

Hopefully this should solve your problem if no other issues are there.

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