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I want to create multiple level of bbcode like

  • level 1 = basic bbcode (u,i,s,etc.)
  • level 2 = level 1 + size + img
  • level 3 = level 1 + level 2 + etc

So, I created a bbcode ressource:

    'url'=>array('type'=>BBCODE_TYPE_OPTARG,'open_tag'=>'<a href="{PARAM}">','close_tag'=>'</a>','default_arg'=>'{CONTENT}','childs'=>''),
    'spoil'=>array('type'=>BBCODE_TYPE_OPTARG,'open_tag'=>"<div class='b_spoil' onClick='spoil(this)'>{PARAM}</div><div class='c_spoil' style='display:none'>",'close_tag'=>'</div>','param_handling'=>'spoil_param')

And my level 1 function:

function dl_bbcode($txt){
    global $BBCode;
    return $parse;

with the callback functions spoil_param & quote_param to keep the argument between good values when [spoil] or [quote] are used.

So far, all work but with the level 2, my callback function, declared exactly as the spoil_param & quote_param returns a "Warning: bbcode_parse(): function `???' is not callable" error for each size tag in my text. "???" can be the content of the size tag or even the argument of the size tag or, if I add a new tag ([img]) with bbcode_add_element(), 75470392 + new errors (Warning: Invalid callback 75470392, no array or string given). The size tag work but not the callback function.

Here is my level 2 function:

function dl_bbcode_av($txt){
    global $BBCode;
    bbcode_add_element($BBCode,'size',array('type'=>BBCODE_TYPE_ARG,'open_tag'=>"<span style='font-size:{PARAM}em'>",'close_tag'=>'</span>','param_handling'=>'size_param'));
    return $parse;

And my size_param callback function:

function size_param($content,$argument){
    if($argument<0.6 OR $argument>4) $argument=1;
    return $argument;

If I delete the param_handling pair, there is no errors. With it, as I said, the size tag work but my callback function not. If I add the size tag directly in $arrayBBCode and check my level 1 function, there is no problem with the callback function.

Subsidiary question: is there a way to prevent an infinite nesting like [quote][quote][quote][quote][/quote][/quote][/quote][/quote] to a limited nesting with the BBCode PECL extension or should I delete the supernumerary tags when I add the text or take it from my DB?

Thank you for your help!

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