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bit of a beginner here, and there should be a quick answer to this I'm guessing.

I am making a small agenda app, and wanted to be able to set events that could occur on multiple days (say, may 9th, may 10th, and june 13th). I would also like to do this on a single calendar/datepicker(highlight multiple days). I've searched github for APIs for something like this, as well as answers here on stackoverflow. Every one I've found only applies to selecting a range of dates (1st-5th) or repeating days (every day/week/month).

I'm guessing I might need to override setDate() setOnDateChangeListener() getDate() and a few other methods. I assumed someone would have a tutorial on this already. If someone could let me know where I might have missed such a tut, or point me in a direction to start, that'd be great.

Some spots I looked at: Android Multi-Date Picker How to set the date from DatePicker dialog for multiple calls Using Multiple date picker in application Multiple DatePickers dynamically in same activity android

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