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In my project, there will be about 500 Bluetooth devices installed over the city and about 20 PDAs used to update these devices.

The devices should be not be visible to anything except the PDAs and I'd like to avoid the troubles or pairing each device to each PDA.

Is there any way to pregenerate 10,000 link keys (for each device-PDA pair), knowing their device addresses, so that link keys for each of the devices could be uploaded all at once during the firmware upload process?

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I think that you need to add more specific informations about the PDAs and devices (i.e. vendor, OS used, ...) – Martin Thurau Feb 18 '11 at 13:19

define a shared secret and use the mac-addresses as salt. with this, you are able to generate a key, which is known on both systems.

or something like that :)


key = int(private part (shared secret) + public part (mac-address))
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