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I created a class called Equation and then wanted to rename it to Problem. I changed the name in the interface (@interface Problem : NSObject) and the name in the implementation file (#import "Problem.h" and @implementation Problem). I also changed the actual file name. I'm getting this error: Class 'Problem' defined without specifying a base class and this warning: Cannot find interface declaration for 'Problem'. I ended up deleting and creating the class again, and it worked fine. Is there an easy way to rename files in Xcode?

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If you right-click the class name, you can choose refactor-rename. XCode isn't perfect at this, but it usually works.

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Be careful with things your rename and invoke via reflection as they probably won't be picked up by XCode in the name change.

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you could just right click on the name of the class (i.e. Equation in your case) and click refactor->rename. The refactor utility automatically change class name, file name and imports.

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