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The Deadlock occurs in my application when initialization of local static variable happens in the function called from DLLMain Entry point with param DLL_THREAD_DETACH.

Below is Windbg analysis

This is usually caused by another thread holding the loader lock.

Following are the Locks Held.

CritSec ntdll!LdrpLoaderLock+0 at 7c97e178

LockCount 3

RecursionCount 1

OwningThread 17e8

EntryCount d

ContentionCount d

* Locked

CritSec MSVCR80!__app_type+94 at 781c3bc8

LockCount 1

RecursionCount 1

OwningThread 1100

EntryCount 1

ContentionCount 1 * Locked


Call stack Thread 17e8

781c3bc8 78132bd9 0777fde4 ntdll!RtlEnterCriticalSection+0x46

00000008 b87d2630 00000000 MSVCR80!_lock+0x2e

0864ae10 08631d7f 0864ae10 EPComUtilities32!_onexit+0x36

0864ae10 b87d2588 00000001 EPComUtilities32!atexit+0x9

0777fea8 0864719f 08630000 EPComUtilities32!XCriticalSectionEx::ThreadTerminated+0x5f

08630000 00000003 00000000 EPComUtilities32!DllMain+0x20

08630000 7c90118a 08630000 EPComUtilities32!__DllMainCRTStartup+0x7a

08630000 00000003 00000000 EPComUtilities32!_DllMainCRTStartup+0x1d


Call Stack thread 1100

000000b0 00000000 00000000 ntdll!ZwWaitForSingleObject+0xc

000000b0 ffffffff 00000000 kernel32!WaitForSingleObjectEx+0xa8

000000b0 ffffffff 06ce64e0 kernel32!WaitForSingleObject+0x12

000480ba 000f4240 00000000 CATSysMultiThreading!CATThreads::Join+0xf5

0012fcc8 00000004 00000000 JS0GROUP!CATLM::StopHB+0xf4

d138509f 00416694 00000001 JS0GROUP!CATLM::Unmake+0x6b

00000000 00000000 00000000 MSVCR80!_cinit+0xd6

00000000 0012fd6c 081e68d9 MSVCR80!exit+0xd

00000000 06d404f0 0998fb90 JS0GROUP!CATExit+0x1d

00000000 004ef366 0000000d DNBPLMProvider!DNBEPLMTransactionMgt::OnApplicationExit+0x229

00000000 0012fd9c 004eabfc JS0GROUP!CATCallExits+0x2bc

00000000 0012ff7c 0040cefd JS0GROUP!CATErrorNormalEnd+0x31 00000000 06ce71d0 06ce71d0 JS0GROUP!CATExit+0xc

00000007 06cdb120 059b61d8 DLMMfgContextSolver!main+0x146d

ffffffff ffffffff bffde000 DLMMfgContextSolver!__tmainCRTStartup+0x10f


Please give you comments to understand what might have caused the deadlock. Note: the moment i make the static variable as non static the problem disappears this in context of example posted in forum http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2339915/deadlock-occurs-in-function-scoped-static-variables-thread-unsafe-in-vc

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Try using a global variable. –  logout Mar 1 '10 at 10:56
Using global variable might solve, but i wanted to understand the problem. Why the local static variable initialization is leading to lock. As you see the call stack of Thread 17e8. In the function void XCriticalSectionEx::ThreadTerminated() { const static XEPComBSTR bstrMethod = FUNCTION; } While executing the above local static variable bstrMethod initialization why the MSVCR80!_lock??? –  IRFAN Mar 1 '10 at 11:30

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In short, what caused the deadlock is that you did something non-trivial in DllMain.

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