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I have a Cassandra Cluster running in EC2, which is composed of 3 nodes, so far my configuration is pretty straight forward, 2 of them are seeds, I'm using EC2Snitch and I can insert data with a replica factor of 2 and it works fine so far.

Now I need to create a new instance of my application running in another EC2 region which will have another Cassandra Cluster running.

What are configuration aspects to look at if I need both rings the replicate data between them, eventually I need both rings to have the same information? Things like EC2MultiRegionSnitch, etc


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When setting up multi-dc replication the key things you need to look into are


1) Changing the Broadcast addresses to the public IP's so the nodes can communicate
2) Changing the seed to the public IP address
3) Changing the snitch to EC2MultiRegion Snitch

Then follow the standard instructions Adding a DC


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great, Thanks! RussS –  NZCoderGuy May 9 at 1:48

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