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I'm attempting to use WASTED on my app to decrease its size (currently at 839MB). I've followed the steps of integrating it into my xcode project archive scheme:

Edit your project scheme open the "Archive" scheme (or any other scheme you like)
Select "Post-actions"
Add a new "Run script action"
Enter open -a Wasted "${ARCHIVE_PATH}" into the script field
Now every time you archive your project, WASTED will automatically be opened and analyses your project.

When I archive it I get the pop up that asks me to perform the WASTED analysis.

enter image description here

Then I hit export and press the distribute button to create the ipa file. The problem is that the ipa is still displaying a size of >800MB. Am I missing something? I exported the xcarchive file to a different place (desktop) and left it there. Was I supposed to export it into my app? Thank you!

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Select export and and choose a destination, this will create a folder that contains compressed images inside a "payload" folder and a .csv file explaining what was done to the images. Now you can replace the images inside your project with the compressed images to save space.

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