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I have used Facebook iOS api & to use some of permission, i have to submit them simulator build So they can review & allow me usage of API. Can you tell me where to find simulator build in XCODE 5?

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Facebook ios sdk already works with simulator . –  Kunal Balani May 9 at 4:39
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struggling with the same issue here.

Facebook has a "tutorial" of how to build the binary at:


For my project we are using cocoapods and this makes thing more complicated. I get loads of warnings like:

warning: no rule to process file '/Users/flip/poseidon/Pods/Facebook-iOS-SDK/src/Login/FBAccessTokenData.m' of type sourcecode.c.objc for architecture i386

It tells me the build completed, I get an .app file in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ but I do not know how to test or it is working.

What I wonder is whether you can just build your project in the simulator and use the .app file that got created there?

Does anyone know or this is possible?

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