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I tried to visualize a directed graph to matrix using protovis matrix. By default protovis matrix fills 2 blocks in matrix if A->B. I want to fill only one block as per the direction between 2 nodes. If A->b and B->A then only both blocks should be filled.

I dint find any documentation for that. Can I do this using some protovis settings?

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Well!! I spent couple of hours to make my own HTML table matrix.

    table += "<tr><td>"+ node.title + "</td>";
    var emptycols ="";
        emptycols += "<td></td>";
    if(i!=size){ emptycols += "<td colspan='"+ (size - j) +"'>"+node.title+"</td>";}
    table += emptycols + "</tr>";

table = "<table>"+ table + "</table>";

    $('table tr:nth-child('+ i +')').addClass(;
    $('table tr td:nth-child('+ i +')').addClass(;

Later own I got to know that I can achieve it by just setting directedgraph property of protovis matrix, to true

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