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I have a text area that is required to be filled in before continuing on with a particular process.

For normal text boxes I can retrieve all the blank inputs by adding the attribute selector [value=''] the the selection string.

When I do that with text area it does not work.

If I am in IE and not in strict mode it does work, but that I not something that I want to do.

If I first select all text areas and then perform a filter call with [value=''] as the selector it does work.

Is this by design? It makes sense from the standpoint that a text area does not really have a value attribute, but I would guess that the filter call would not work.

Here is an example code:

    <SCRIPT SRC="jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></SCRIPT>

        $(function () {
            var Rslt1 = $("textarea[value='']").size(); 
            var Rslt2 = $("textarea").filter("[value='']").size();
            alert(Rslt1 + ' ' + Rslt2);

In IE 8, Chrome 4 and Firefox 3.6 the result is 0 1 as described above.

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Textarea doesn't have a 'value' attribute. Try $("textarea:empty").

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