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I am using Centos 6.5 and have just installed MariaDB-sever and MariaDB-client a while ago.

The first problem is that I start MariaDB by the command /etc/init.d/mysqld start instead of /etc/init.d/mysql start (because there is no mysql file in init.d). So currently I am baffled because I don't know what I started is MySql or MariaDB.

That leads to the second problem. According to their Knowledge base, I tried mysql -u root -p to log in. But it displayed MySql instead of MariaDB, about which I feel wrong:

Welcome to the MariaDB monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 5
Server version: 5.1.73 Source distribution

MySQL [(none)] >

So, am I running MariaDB or MySQL?

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Yes, what you have started is wrong - it is running MySQL 5.1.73. You should uninstall your "distribution" provided MySQL (which ships with CentOS 6.5) and just install MariaDB.

You can do this by looking at: rpm -qa |grep -i mysql and removing those packages. Just do a clean install of MariaDB and you should be fine.

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Some distributions ship /etc/init.d/mysqld, some - /etc/init.d/mysql . It makes no difference, just different script names.

MariaDB origins from MySQL, so if you see MariaDB in the prompt then it's MariaDB. You will never see MariaDB in Oracle's MySQL.

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Thank you very much. That makes sense –  Hoang Lam May 9 at 4:07

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