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I got a ubuntu installed on virtual box, I run a server on it.

I can access it through

But from outside system, I can't get the web service.

I used ifconfig command in that Ubuntu system.

In the eth0 blank, I saw two other ip:,

I tried both of them, and still can't work.

I'm using VirtualBox software.

How could I access that local host of virtual Ubuntu in my outside system?

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check the first comment here askubuntu.com/questions/52147/… –  rishal May 9 '14 at 5:06
@rishal stackoverflow.com/questions/61156/… I think this one is more relevant. –  Zen May 9 '14 at 6:25

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Read the VirtualBox manual :p.. You need to do some port forwarding. Most likely port 22 for ssh and you can tunnel the rest.. Oh, http is port 80, if you didn't already know that. On my "fresh" server vms all i need to do is VBoxManage modifyvm "VM name" --natpf1 "http,tcp,,80,,80" (NAT - if you're using Bridged, it shouldn't be an issue) and i can access the webserver on localhost:80 form the host machine. Make sure nothing else is taking up 80 (Skype, etc.), of course.

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I have used a port, just omit it on my question, sorry. –  Zen May 9 '14 at 4:53
You have NAT port forwarding set up for the guest in vbox? Are you using bridged? –  苦しみ 甘い May 9 '14 at 4:55
I guess it must be NAT, how to change it to bride? I'm now goolging for solutions. –  Zen May 9 '14 at 5:00
NAT should work just fine in most cases, make sure your firewall(s) is configured correctly. –  苦しみ 甘い May 9 '14 at 5:03
I've find kind of solution in this post. And now trying it. stackoverflow.com/questions/61156/… –  Zen May 9 '14 at 5:07

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