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I need google translate with my clipboard. so I make some bookmarklet with javascript. but I can't find solution for get data from clipboard.

searching stackoverflow, i find some question using window object and clipboardData.

but chrome has not clipboardData method.

my idea is copy translate source and click bookmarklet( location.href to and copy clipboard content to textarea#source)

but I don't know how can I access clipboard using javascript.

below my skeleton codes..

  var test = function(){
    var content = getClipbord();

  var changeLocation = function(){

  var getClipbord = function(){
    return "";
  var setSource = function(content){
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If you could access clipboard from JavaScript, it would be a huge security hole.

What you can do with a bookmarklet (and what bookmarklets usually do) is just to pull the selection you marked (without using clipboard at all).

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you said security hole.. I think it is access System problem? – ChangJoo Park May 9 '14 at 4:59
and your solution is something like select text and click right mouse button then 'blah blah' search google...? – ChangJoo Park May 9 '14 at 5:00
No, it is just that any webpage could read your clipboard. Which would be a very bad idea. For example, since I use a password manager, my clipboard very often has a password in it; allowing web-sites access to my clipboard would be spectacularly scary. "Bookmarklet" is normally used for pieces of code that are embedded in an URL and stored in a bookmark; nothing you can access with a right-click. – Amadan May 9 '14 at 5:01
ah.. i didnt think of password... thanks for your suggestion. – ChangJoo Park May 9 '14 at 5:05

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