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So I'm trying to view a site built in PHP on my local computer using the MAMP program for Mac. I installed MAMP and everything was fine. I copied all of the website files into the htdocs folder and then went to my browser and entered 'localhost'. The root folder came up and so I clicked on it to open it and I received this :

'Access denied for user 'davidgol_nym'@'localhost' (using password: YES)'

So then I attempted to fix this situation by following the directions found at this link:


I got all the way up to #3 (which is where the problem started) First of all I don't know where to find the 'config.inc.php' fie. Secondly, I tried clicking on 'Open start page' on the MAMP opening window and I now get 'Error: Could not connect to MySQL server!'

I am so lost with all of this I don't know what to do at this point. Since I was entering commands on my computer's terminal I feel that even uninstalling MAMP and re-installing a new version won't do anything. All I'm trying to do is view the site's php files on my local computer.

Any help would be soooooo appreciated! Thanks!

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