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My error is here

All scripts have shown to be loaded in the Chrome dev tools Network tab, and here is my code:


<script src='bower_components/requirejs/require.js' data-main="js/main"></script>




var app = angular.module('app', ['ngRoute','ngSanitize']); 


return app;

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So you're 100% sure a separate script for ng-route was loaded? As the page you linked says, it is now in a separate file that needs to be loaded along with Angular. – Marc Kline May 9 '14 at 5:12
In chrome network I see it – J22Melody May 9 '14 at 5:14
Before I integrated my app with requirejs , it runs correctly – J22Melody May 9 '14 at 5:15
Posting the RequireJS configuration file may help. – Nikos Paraskevopoulos May 9 '14 at 7:42

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