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How can i achieve event handling for dynamic controls in VB6? Any ideas?

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The easiest way is to declare a module-level variable of the same type as the control, and use the WithEvents keyword. For example

Option Explicit
' Declare object variable as CommandButton and handle the events.'
Private WithEvents cmdObject As CommandButton 

Private Sub Form_Load()
   'Add button control and keep a reference in the WithEvents variable'
   Set cmdObject = Form1.Controls.Add("VB.CommandButton", "cmdOne")
   cmdObject.Visible = True
   cmdObject.Caption = "Dynamic CommandButton"
End Sub

'Handle the events of the dynamically-added control'
Private Sub cmdObject_Click()
    Print "This is a dynamically added control"
End Sub

There are more complicated variations if you want to be able to handle events from many different controls, perhaps of different types, through one central routine.

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That depends on whether the control is intrinsic or not.

This article explains it.

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Not exactly. It depends on whether you have added a reference to the control into the project. And, nearly all the time, it's best to add the reference. I've written my answer assuming there is a reference. –  MarkJ Mar 2 '10 at 15:25

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