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I am not able to pass list to polymer element from angular control

polymer element


<polymer-element name = "hello-world" attributes ="message list">
  <template repeat ="{{item in list}}">
<script type="application/dart" src="helloworld.dart"></script>


class HelloWorld extends PolymerElement {

  @published String message;
  @published List<String> list;

Angular control

@Controller(selector :"[app-ctrl]", publishAs : "ctrl")
class AppController {
  String message = "polymer angular rocks";
  List<Person> _persons = [];
  List<String> list = ["dsdf","dsf"];

Angular polymer data binding

<div app-ctrl>
    <hello-world message ="{{ctrl.message}}" list ="{{ctrl.list}}"></hello-world>

message is displaying fine on browser,but not list data.

shadow root :

enter image description here

Edit :

Now i am using node bind module and [[]] for binding ,still can't pass List object

 <div app-ctrl>
        <hello-world message ="[[ctrl.message]]" list ="[[ctrl.list]]"></hello-world>

Error :

Exception: type 'String' is not a subtype of type 'List' of 'value'. (dart-polymer-elements-with-angular/lib/elements/helloworld/helloworld.dart:10) interpolation: "ng-binding"

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You need to use the angular_node_bind package.

See Angular and Polymer Data Binding, Together!

add the dependency to pubspec.yaml:

  angular_node_bind: any

init Angular inside Polymer.run()

void main() {
  initPolymer().run(() {
    //ngBootstrap(module: new NodeBindModule());
    applicationFactory().addModule(new AppModule()).addMdoule(new NodeBindModule()).run();

use double square brackets for binding expressions

<my-element message="[[cool]]"></my-element>

The source code of the angular_node_bind package also contains an example

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when i used NodeBindModule ,applicationFactory().addModule(new AppModule()).addModule(new NodeBindModule()).run(); ,I am getting following error Internal error: 'package:angular_node_bind/angular_node_bind.dart': malformed type: line 42 pos 2: type 'NgDirective' is not loaded @NgDirective(selector: r'[*=/[[.*]]/]') ^ –  invariant May 9 at 14:04
Can you please file an issue in the angular_node_bind packags? I guess it is not updated to the most recent AngularDart version. –  Günter Zöchbauer May 9 at 14:06
Ok, I fixed angular_node_bind for the latest Angular.dart. Thanks @invariant! –  Justin Fagnani May 15 at 20:06
@JustinFagnani now 'NgDirective' is not loaded error gone ,but i am still not able to pass list object ... –  invariant May 16 at 14:46
Done: stackoverflow.com/questions/25807193/… –  Fedy2 Sep 12 at 11:25

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