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I have String like this:


From this code I need to get "viewemployee". How do I get this using Java?

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You can solve this with regex (given you only need a group of word characters between the last "/" and "."):

    String str="core/pages/viewemployee.jsff";
    System.out.println(str); //prints viewemployee
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Hello, @naimdjon your answer is very impressive +10 for that , I am new to Regex Expression and have less knowledge, Can you share Help context along with this answer. It would be very helpful to users like us who have just started learning Regex Expression . Thank you :) – Suprabhat Biswal May 9 '14 at 7:46
You need to go through a regex tutorial. The comments field is too little to explain everything. The first part, i.e. ".*/" matches everything until the last /, then comes grouping (\\W+) which means a at least one word-character then it stops at . because dot is not a word character. The last part again .* means everything. In the replacement part I just refer to the group by its number $1. Since there is one group (\\w+) I use $1. Here is the regex api for java: – user508434 May 9 '14 at 9:40
This will fail on e.g. "foo.exe" (no slash) and "/foo/bar.baz.exe" (two dots). – johncip May 21 '14 at 8:41
...and "/2014-05-23.log" (or anything else with punctuation in the file name) – johncip May 23 '14 at 9:07
The answer is to the given example in the question. For numeric and other types of values, you will need to use appropriate character class. – user508434 May 23 '14 at 19:53

Suppose that you have that string saved in a variable named myString.

String myString = "core/pages/viewemployee.jsff";
String newString = myString.substring(myString.lastIndexOf("/")+1, myString.indexOf("."));      

But you need to make same control before doing substring in this one because, if there aren't those characters you will get from lastIndexOf(), or indexOf() a "-1" that will break your substring invocation.

I suggest to you to look for the Javadoc documentation.

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Below will get you viewemployee.jsff

int idx = fileName.replaceAll("\\", "/").lastIndexOf("/");
String fileNameWithExtn =  idx >= 0 ? fileName.substring(idx + 1) : fileName;

To remove the file Extension and get only viewemployee, similarly

idx = fileNameWithExtn .lastIndexOf(".");
String filename = idx >= 0 ? fileNameWithExtn.substring(0,idx) : fileNameWithExtn ;
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You can split the string first with "/" so that you can have each folder and the file name got separated. For this example, you will have "core", "pages" and "viewemployee.jsff". I assume you need the file name without the extension, so just apply same split action with "." seperator to the last token. You will have filename without extension.

String myStr = "core/pages/viewemployee.jsff";
String[] tokens = myStr.split("/");
tokens[tokens.length - 1].split("\\.")[0] //--> "viewemployee"
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The regex will only return the first segment for filenames with more than one dot, e.g. "core/pages/viewemployee.jsff.bak". – johncip May 23 '14 at 9:10
You're right but even if that is the case, by this code he gets the filename without the extension. Even if that file is a backup file, he will still get the filename, "viewemployee", which he desires to get. – Mehmet Sedat Güngör May 23 '14 at 11:12
Well, typically, at least for program associations, the extension is whatever follows the last dot, not the first. And outside of those there really isn't a concept of extension as far as most filesystems are concerned. But I'll grant you that it's not really clear what the OP wants. – johncip May 23 '14 at 11:26

These are file paths, right? Consider using File.getName(), especially if you already have the File object:

File file = new File("core/pages/viewemployee.jsff");
String name = file.getName(); // --> "viewemployee.jsff"

And to remove the extension:

String res = name.split("\\.[^\\.]*$")[0]; // --> "viewemployee"

With this we can handle strings like "../viewemployee.2.jsff".

The regex matches the last dot, zero or more non-dots, and the end of the string. Then String.split() treats these as a delimiter, and ignores them. The returned array will always have one element, unless the original string is ..

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This is the correct tool for the job. – studro Nov 19 '15 at 3:31

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