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As I am facing a major usability bug on my app, I have submitted an update and expedited app review request. It was 17:15 in California so I don't hope it to be done before tomorrow.

However, I received no email acknowledgement about my online request and this can easily be qualified of "stressful"

Does anyone submitted such a request recently and tell me if they send confirmation emails for these requests ? (I am not talking about the answer itself)

Thank you

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The answer is "No, they do not."

I have just received an answer for Apple accepting to "make a one time exception and proceed to an expedited review".

Hoping that this answer will help people feeling lighter when waiting for such an answer !

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I was just granted an expedited review, and yes I did get a submission confirmation. I've requested a second one (just few days later, i know, i'm a moron), and didn't get any confirmation, and haven't received any response about the expedited review for a week now.

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