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I am trying to set a loginPage value on a Sitecore site in the web.config. The file referenced in the loginPage is an Sitecore item, so it is not a psycical page on the server. No matter how i reference to it, it doesnot work. I get one of 2 errors (depending on how i refrecen to the file);

The resource cannot be found. Error executing child request for /sitecore/login. (The path beeing the one i referenced in the web.config)

Any ideas?

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Can you request the item directly in your browser without being logged in? The item path of the loginPage attribute has to be relative to the startPath of your site. I assume /sitecore/login is not relative to your site root? –  Kevin Brechbühl Mar 9 '13 at 6:51

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The explanatory comment in web.config says that 'loginPage' attribute should be The path to the login page to use. Must point to a physical file or a page in a site that does NOT require login. 'Require login' means denied Read permissions for the Anonymous user. This Anonymous user is the one in the domain specified for this site.

For instance, if you want to have login page set for the 'website' site, you should make sure that extranet\Anonymous has read permission to the item you specified.

Hope this helps.

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The loginPage attribute is actually a URL, not an item path. Include the full path with extension -- e.g. /MyAccount/Login.aspx

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Tried that too - without luck though :-( –  kastru Mar 2 '10 at 20:21
What's the error you get using that? I assume you can access the page directly using that URL? –  techphoria414 Mar 2 '10 at 20:49

Try hitting the url in the browser to your login page. If you cannot reach the page itself or if it throws an error in the browser then accessing it in the web.config will not work.

Once you have the login page coming up in the url in the browser using the path yoursite/login or whatever sitecore tree path you have set up. Then add it to the web.config.

Also, in the content tree you can click on security and access viewer for the login item. Then select the anonymous role. If its is a security issue then you will see which role is affecting the security settings for anonymous.

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