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I created a PIPE using the below code. But there is something wrong when the program runs fd = open(FIFO, O_RDONLY);. The phenomenon is blocking. Could someone give me some advice? Thanks a lot .

#define FIFO "/tmp/test"

int main(int argc, char** argv)
    char buf_r[100];
    int fd;
    int nread;
    if((mkfifo(FIFO, O_CREAT) < 0) && (errno != EEXIST))
            printf("can not create FIFO\n");

    printf("Prepare read data\n");
    fd = open(FIFO, O_RDONLY);
    if(fd == -1)

            if((nread = read(fd, buf_r, 100)) == -1)
                    if(errno == EAGAIN) printf("No data\n");

            if(buf_r[0]=='Q') break;

            printf("data is:%s\n", buf_r);

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buf_r[nread]=0; note that nread can be 100, and buf_r's size is only 100. – joop May 9 '14 at 11:20
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Opening a FIFO blocks until a "communication peer" is connected to the FIFO as well so that the pipe is successfully established.

BTW, when creating the FIFO fails, you should output (at most) a warning and continue - there are chances that the FIFO already exists and can be reused. And maybe /root/test/test is not the best place for this FIFO...

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Thanks for your answer. – changzhi May 9 '14 at 8:44

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