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I have this problem with counting element's value length in textarea.

I tried both DOM and jQuery, but it seems like .length is the problem. I alerted $('#' + field1).val().length and it seems that it starts counting from 0 even though there is 1 symbol in a field.

BTW $('#' + field1).val().length + 1 doesn't help, it even makes it worse.

Here the JSFiddle with my code.

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Not a direct answer to your question, but change your "onkeypress" event listener to "onkeyup" and it seems to work as expected. –  zvona May 9 at 8:06
It doesn't really count from zero, it's just that keypress fires when the key is down, before the character is added, which happens on keyup –  adeneo May 9 at 8:06
the length property works... jsfiddle.net/YbUf4/6 –  Bhojendra Sah May 9 at 8:08

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Change the event from onkeypress to onkeyup. The problem is that the javascript is counting the characters before the character has actually been entered into the textarea.

Working fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/YbUf4/8/

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what about working fiddle? that's not working.... –  Bhojendra Sah May 9 at 8:11
It's working for me in Chrome, which browser are you using? Any JS errors? –  Zougen Moriver May 9 at 8:12
@C-link What browser are you using if it's not working? –  adamj May 9 at 8:17
Working perfectly in Mozilla and Chrome, thank you, that's what I needed! –  ignas3run May 9 at 8:19

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