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As the definition of DirectorySecurity.GetAccessRules() says:

public AuthorizationRuleCollection GetAccessRules(bool includeExplicit, bool includeInherited, Type targetType);

I think GetAccessRules() should return an object of AuthorizationRuleCollection, but when trying to get the elements of this collection, I see examples using FileSystemAccessRule as the element type:

AuthorizationRuleCollection rules =  Directory.GetAccessControl(@"C:\Windows").GetAccessRules(true,true,typeof(System.Security.Principal.NTAccount));
foreach (FileSystemAccessRule rule in rules)

I can't figure out why here it returns child instance of AuthorizationRuleCollection. The document says:

GetAccessRules() Returns:

The collection of access rules associated with the specified System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier object.

However, I don't see any further content explains why we should use FileSystemAccessRule type as the element type.

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