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It is really annoying. I do not know if it's because I installed something, or what? But suddenly sublime text began to select all php variables or html tags in white for no reason. I've tried turn it off but I have no idea how :(

enter image description here

When I open some the file, the code is ok but whenever I edit anything, even without saving, it immediately become marked white :(

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See if changing color scheme fixes this. Maybe something in the current theme might have changed. –  kadaj May 9 at 8:16
No it's still white :( –  Paweł Bednarczyk May 9 at 8:18
What does the statusbar say which syntax highlighting you use? At the bottom right it should mention it. –  ZoolWay May 9 at 8:50
It happen in evryone in PHP, Python (Colorcode), HTML(Erlang) .... –  Paweł Bednarczyk May 9 at 9:12
What plugins do you have installed? –  MattDMo May 9 at 13:03

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