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I have table prod and have three column id,name and maturity as shown below.

            id      name    maturity
            224     cash    1d
            224     cash    2d
            224     cash    3d
            224     cash    4d
            225     bond    5w
            225     bond    6w
            225     bond    7w
            225     bond    8w

Here i need the output like( i mean if i fire an sql statement)

            224     cash    1d,2d,3d,4d
            225     bond    5w,6w,7w,8w

can some oone please help in this.

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The LISTAGG function is what you are looking for (in Oracle 11g at least).

A full syntax example:

SELECT id, name, LISTAGG(maturity, ', ') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY maturity) FROM your_table GROUP BY id

Note: You can also change the grouping condition to GROUP BY name, if needed.

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Thanq for your quick responce, but here i am using 10g version –  Ashok Kumar Dabbadi May 9 at 8:48
@AshokKumarDabbadi - then why did you tag the question with both 10g and 11g? There are various methods for doing this in earlier versions, and plenty of questions here about it (many of which point to that article). –  Alex Poole May 9 at 9:16

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