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Is it possible in AQL to search for document field string value without diacritics, e.g. through CONTAINS or LIKE functions? For example string value stored in database has value tomáš and I want to find it through value tomas.

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I am afraid, this is not possible at the moment. There is no built-in diacritics-insensitive search in those functions.

Though, a few options would be:

  • Additionally store a non-diacritics-version of the search-word in the document, so that you can query it that way.

  • Write a custom function in which you would implement that kind of functionality. Though, I suspect that this would have a negative impact on performance. See the docs on that: https://www.arangodb.org/manuals/current/ExtendingAql.html

  • Open a feature-request-issue to implement this kind of functionality in ArangoDB. Who knows, maybe it gets implemented? (https://github.com/triAGENS/ArangoDB/issues)

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BTW, out of curiosity I looked around, and found this nice converter written in Javascript. It seems to have a rather rich map of letters with diacritics to latin ones. See: semplicewebsites.com/removing-accents-javascript –  thesilentman May 11 '14 at 8:23

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