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Can we modify or update xml file using SAX parser. If yes, please provide me the sample code or any helpful link

my xml file looks like this


I want to change "user1" to say "user2". Help me out

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You have many options , modifying the XML its best suited for a dom parser. Sax is intended for quick read access with minimal memory overhead , not for writing documents. mkyong.com/java/how-to-modify-xml-file-in-java-dom-parser stackoverflow.com/questions/12459712/modify-xml-file-with-xpath –  Kenneth Clark May 9 at 8:39
This question helped me with the same issue stackoverflow.com/questions/13687799/… –  a.hrdie May 9 at 8:43
@ Kenneth Clark if I use DOM entire xml file will be loaded that should not happen in my case. And does this xpath load the entire xml file? –  user3322698 May 9 at 8:56
@ a.hrdie: this link produces the updated result but I want to put the updated result into the same xml file. –  user3322698 May 9 at 9:05

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If you are reluctant to use a DOM parser because you have a large XML you can use the XPATH or XLST to transform the xml.

What is best way to change one value in XML files in Java?

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