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I have vector (vector of vector) named reviewDataWithHeader[1].

i can access its value in first vector at location 3 as string as given below.

String status= ((Vector) reviewDataWithHeader[1].get(0)).get(3).toString();

then after some operations i got status = "xyz"

I want to update the status value directly in vector of vector (reviewDataWithHeader[1])

My trials are like

reviewDataWithHeader[1].remove( ((Vector) reviewDataWithHeader[1].get(yy)).get(3)) ;
reviewDataWithHeader[1].insertElementAt( (Vector) reviewDataWithHeader[1].get(yy)).get(3), status) ; // error

reviewDataWithHeader[1].setElementAt( status, (Vector) reviewDataWithHeader[1].get(yy)).get(3)) ; //error
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Post some small example. See sscce.org. Also, post your actual errors. –  peter.petrov May 9 '14 at 8:45

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Beside the fact that you really should encapsulate this behind a class instead of operating on lists of vectors of vectors, and the fact that you should use ArrayList instead of Vector, the following should work:

reviewDataWithHeader[1].get(yy).set(3, status);
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