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foreach (DataRow temp in act.Rows)
    _oResolutionModel.activityNo = temp["ActivityID"].ToString();
    _oResolutionModel.assignTechnician = temp["TechNo"].ToString();
    _oResolutionModel.recommendation = temp["RECOMMENDATION"].ToString();
    _oResolutionModel.jobStart = (DateTime)temp["JobStart"];
    _oResolutionModel.jobEnd = (DateTime)temp["JobEnd"];
        DataTable res = _oResolutionFacade.getResolution(_oAppSetting.ConnectionString);
        foreach (DataRow x in res.Rows)
            _oResolutionModel.solution = x["Resolution"].ToString();
            _oResolutionModel.remarks = x["Remarks"].ToString();

In here my _oResolutionList count = 1, meaning there's two data in it and it duplicated the first data. I want to have only 1 data in my _oResolutionList. Do I need to add some code in my inner Foreach or should I change something on it.?

Or You can suggest me how to delete the second data entry.?

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teresko, Thanks for the edit –  See Yah Later May 9 at 8:55
I found break; at the end of for loop. So you want only first row of your dataTable ??? If yes then there is no need of for loop... –  Krishnraj Rana May 9 at 8:56
I try not using foreach but in declaring my Datarow temp;. it can get the datatable value. that's why I'm using Foreach. –  See Yah Later May 9 at 9:02
If you want to access the row of your dataTable then you can access it like this - act.Rows[0]["ActivityID"].ToString(); OR act.Rows[0].ItemArray[0].ToString();. Here i have wrote act.Rows[0] bcs i guess you want only first row right ??? –  Krishnraj Rana May 9 at 9:26
You don't need to use break inside foreach loop –  lnanikian May 9 at 10:40

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Instead of using a foreach loop. You can also check the nullity first and then assign. You can also do :

    DataTable res = _oResolutionFacade.getResolution(_oAppSetting.ConnectionString);
     _oResolutionModel.solution = res.Rows[0]["Resolution"].ToString() ?? string.Empty; //To make sure that if it is null it will assign to an empty string
     _oResolutionModel.remarks = res.Rows[0]["Remarks"].ToString()?? string.Empty;

You have many solutions to deal with that. Hope it will help you

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It didn't work, even I put a DataRow x; and if I don't declare it the error will be 'x' doesn't exist in the current context still there's an error cannot apply indexing with [] to an expression of type 'object' –  See Yah Later May 10 at 14:43
@seeyahlater, I am sorry. It is the variable res not x. Typo. –  lnanikian May 10 at 21:02
res[0] error: cannot apply indexing with [] to an expression of type 'system.data.data.table' –  See Yah Later May 12 at 0:22
Have a try. Some typo made. –  lnanikian May 12 at 3:45
thanks it work... –  See Yah Later May 12 at 5:11

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