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I am currently trying out writing my own Intellisense comments into my sources as described in
stackoverflow 8240402
stackoverflow 1632942
but it's not yet working correctly. I'm using VS 2008.

I have a assembly "testAssembly" (compiled to a DLL) with ref class class1a and public ref class class1b:

namespace testAssembly
  /// <summary>
  /// Testkommentar class1a
  /// </summary>
  ref class class1a
    int m_iValue;

    /// <summary>
    /// Testkommentar class1a constructor
    /// </summary>
    class1a ();
    /// Testkommentar class1a func1a
    void func1a (int i_iValue);

class1b is identical.

Inside this DLL's project, it's almost working fine (although the stupid 'summary' and '/summary' are also shown in the intellisense tooltip). I do see each text except the one of public ref class1b.

In another project which refers the DLL's project (directly via assembly, not via file), I do see the text of (private) ref class1a (none of the members of course as they are private), but none of public ref class1b.

And when I add or remove public, the behaviour changes, too.

How can I get it to work?

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I have found the problem:
It's the namespace!

After removing the namespace, all of the comments were shown.
Seems like VS2008 has problems with interpreting intellisense XML comments of different namespaces.

Can anyone confirm that?
And is there a solution for this problem?

(BTW: Which id*** downvoted my question? Is it really so useless?)

It's now working correctly.
I have found the final solution: Install SP1 and a couple of hotfixes for SP1!
- VS2008SP1DEUx1512964.iso
- VS90SP1-KB957507-v2-DEU-x86.exe
- VS90SP1-KB957912-x86.exe
- VS90SP1-KB958017-x86.exe
- VS90SP1-KB960075-v2-x86.exe
- VS90SP1-KB963035-x86.exe
- VS90SP1-KB967631-x86.exe
- VS90SP1-KB971932-x86.exe
- VS90SP1-KB976656-x86.exe
- VS90SP1-KB2498381-x86.exe
hotfix descriptions can be found on the MSDN website.

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