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I'm using jquery qtip (http://qtip2.com/)

its working well, i have a number of divs inside with classes

I'm trying to to invoke a click function on these divs


 var tipContent = $('#tip-content').html();
        content: {
            text: tipContent
        show: {
            effect: function() {
                $(this).fadeTo(500, 1);
        hide: {
            effect: function() {
            event:'click unfocus'

        //show: 'click',
        //hide: 'click unfocus',
        style: {
            classes: 'qtip-bootstrap qtip-shadow',


        position: {
            my: 'center left',  // Position my top left...
            at: 'center right', // at the bottom right of...
            target: $('#obsglass') // my target


Click function

 $(".obsglass-thumbnail").click(function () {

... Not entering this function when clicking the divs in the tool tip

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Seem like your elements have been added dynamically to the DOM by the plugin, try to use event delegation here:

$(document.body).on('click','.obsglass-thumbnail',function() {
    // Your code here
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Instead of ,

 $(".obsglass-thumbnail").click(function () {})

Use delegate :

 $(document).delegate(".obsglass-thumbnail","click",function () {})

Because , IF HTML elements were added after loading Click event , Your event is not useful for those elements.

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